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Rice Process

Rice Processing Flow Chart

General process of rice milling and processing

  • PRE CLEANING : Removal of all imputities and unfilled grains from the paddy
  • PARBOILING (As Required) : Paddy is passed through Parboiling Process which enhances the Nutritional value of Rice by Gelatinization of starch inside the Grain.
  • DESTONING : In this Process small stones get removed from Paddy
  • HUSKING : In this process Paddy is de husked
  • HUSK ASPIRATION : In this process the unhusked paddy and Brown Rice that Is obtained after Husking is removed from the Husk.
  • PADDY SEPARATION : At this stage the remaining unhusked Paddy is separated from obtained Brown Rice.
  • WHITENING : Bran Layer wholly or partly is removed from Brown Rice
  • POLISHING : The exterior of the Milled Kernel is enhanced by removing the left over bran layer and grains are polished to get White Rice.
  • SORTEX AND GRADING : Discolor Grains are removed. Then there is separation of grains in to different segments as per prescribed grain length range. Brokens get separated from whole grains.
  • WEIGHMENT AND PACKING : Now Processed Rice gets transferred into Storage Tanks. After which it is planned for packing as per client packing requirements.

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